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Life Insurance Awareness Month

After checking in about the latest going-ons in the economy and the stock market, we'll turn our attention to the fact that September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Let's make sure that you have all the information you need about the ins and outs of life insurance.

Long Term Care

Long term care can sap a surprising amount of your retirement dollars. Let's make sure that you're properly planning for the possibility that you will need long term care in your later years.

The Importance Of A Plan

Do you know how to handle your finances if there's a crash in the stock market? What about your children - how much will you be financially supporting them in retirement? Are you going to be able to afford long-term care when you need it? Questions like these need to be answered in a well-crafted retirement plan. Steve Davis can help.

SECURE Act Update

As the SECURE Act makes its way through Congress, let's give an update on what that bill is looking like and how it could affect your retirement.

Don’t Procrastinate Your Planning

It can be tempting to put off the work that's needed to properly plan for your retirement. After all, you've got plenty of time to figure it out, right? Steve will explain all the benefits of getting your finances figured out right away for retirement.

What You Should Look For In A Financial Advisor

When choosing someone to handle your finances, there are a handful of qualities you should expect, as well as a few red flags you should be on the lookout for. Steve will give us some insider tips on how to choose the right advisor for you.


Steve comments on The SECURE Act, a recent bill that is making its way through Congress. How will this new law potentially affect your IRAs and your RMDs?

Social Security Planning Made Easy

Steve just wrapped up a seminar where he taught people about all the nuances of social security that the average person doesn't consider. Let's review some important things to keep in mind about social security as you plan for retirement. We'll also dive into how to properly make financial decisions during the grieving process.

Investing 101

To the average layperson, investing lingo can be confusing and overwhelming. Steve will help break down some common terms and ideas in the financial world so you can understand what to do with your money as you invest for retirement.

Women And Financing

A recent Fidelity study found that a majority of women do not feel comfortable making financial decisions on their own. Let's explore why, and see how we can give women more confidence when it comes to planning for retirement.

Wrapping Your Head Around Annuities

Depending on who you talk to, annuities are either the greatest thing since sliced bread or they're the scourge of humanity. Why is there so much confusion about this particular financial topic? Steve Davis will help answer that question on today's show, give you the 411 on how annuities work and give examples of they are and are not appropriate to include in a financial plan.

Introducing The Your Healthy Retirement Podcast

Welcome to a new podcast that will help you plan for your financial future and retirement.  It's Your Healthy Retirement with Steve Davis of Davis Wealth Management, serving you throughout New Hampshire. Each week, Steve will bring you common sense planning guidance and advice to help you stay on the right track to get to and through retirement. Listen to this quick episode for a preview of what's to come. Episode 1 is coming soon.
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