Your Healthy Retirement

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Social Security Planning Made Easy

Steve just wrapped up a seminar where he taught people about all the nuances of social security that the average person doesn't consider. Let's review some important things to keep in mind about social security as you plan for retirement. We'll also dive into how to properly make financial decisions during the grieving process.

Investing 101

To the average layperson, investing lingo can be confusing and overwhelming. Steve will help break down some common terms and ideas in the financial world so you can understand what to do with your money as you invest for retirement.

Women And Financing

A recent Fidelity study found that a majority of women do not feel comfortable making financial decisions on their own. Let's explore why, and see how we can give women more confidence when it comes to planning for retirement.

Wrapping Your Head Around Annuities

Depending on who you talk to, annuities are either the greatest thing since sliced bread or they're the scourge of humanity. Why is there so much confusion about this particular financial topic? Steve Davis will help answer that question on today's show, give you the 411 on how annuities work and give examples of they are and are not appropriate to include in a financial plan.

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